Sergey Balovin visits as artist in residence for 2 weeks

7We have recently been honored to host, as artist in residence, Sergey Balovin, the world famous Russian artist who lives and works in Shanghai. He has traveled and been warmly received by audiences and critics in many countries, as he was with us in our home in Tivat, Montenegro. For more detailed information about his art practice check out Art for Random Object’s sake. You can also watch him at work on the Youtube video  (in Russian).

The concept that he brings is a practice called In-Kind Exchange, implying that the artist in exchange for a portrait gets a trifle or small gift from each person he portrays. So far, in his travels he has received all of the fruits of the world, socks, lighters, a bike and drums as symbolic gifts from those he has done portraits for. After talking with him we decided to tell our friends, who have been coming to have their portraits done every day for 2 weeks, to bring something practical for the traveling artist in exchange. It could be food, a drink, tools to draw with, lighters, socks, clothes, or a specific thing from Montenegro and our culture.

Sergey has been painting three portraits of each person, one for the subject, one for the artist himself to take with him on his journeys around the world, and the third as a gift for Art Club Hostel Anton.

All the portraits will be shown in an interactive exhibition and party in late March, exploring the artist and his work from his stay at the hostel as well as hosting some local musicians and Dj’s.

You can check out photos from this project here.

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