Sergey Balovin visits as artist in residence for 2 weeks

We have recently been honored to host, as artist in residence, Sergey Balovin, the world famous Russian artist who lives and works in Shanghai. He has traveled and been warmly received by audiences and critics in many countries, as he was with us in our home in Tivat, Montenegro. For more detailed information about his art practice check out Art for Random Object’s sake. You can also watch him at work on the Youtube video (in Russian). The concept that he brings is a practice called In-Kind Exchange, implying that the artist in exchange for a portrait gets a trifle or small gift from each person he portrays. So far, in his travels he has received all of the fruits of the world, socks, lighters, a bike and drums as symbolic gifts from those he has done portraits for. After talking with him we decided to tell our friends, who have been coming to have their portraits done every day for 2 weeks, to bring something practical for the traveling artist in exchange. It could be food, a drink, tools to draw with, lighters, socks, clothes, or a specific thing from Montenegro and our culture. Sergey has been painting three … …read more,


News & Specials Dorm rooms. Pay for 2 nights and stay for 3. Offer from 1st September to 15th of July.   Our rooms have either a sea view or a garden view, beautiful in both cases. Dorm rooms have a lovely terraced sea view. All our bathrooms are shared when the Hostel is full, and when it`s not you might just have one to yourself. Guests have access to a sm all kitchen, however during the peak season this is reduced to use of the microwave, toaster, kettle and fridge. This is because during the spring and summer months we provide dinners for very reasonable prices (Montenegrian cuisine, including vegetarian options), as well as free breakfasts. Welcome drinks of tea and coffee are free of charge. WI-FI / internet and use of our public computer is also free. You can use the iron, hair-drier, hair-iron and lockers, enjoy movie nights on our large projector screen and attend music concerts free of charge. Laundry service is available on request. Prices Beds in dorm rooms ~ €11 Private rooms (twin or double bed) ~ €27 per room Make a reservation. Check-in time: from 10.00 (10 am) to 01.00 (1am) Check-out time: … …read more,


Хостел Антон розташований в місті Тіват, Чорногорія, в центрі Бока-Которської бухти ((Boka Bay/ Bocca di Cattaro)). Бока Которська - це велика прибережна затока Адріатичного моря, formed by the partial submergence of the former Bokelj River which used to run from the high mountain plateaus of Mount Orjen above the bay. Тіват зручно розташований в самому центрі затоки, що забезпечує доступ до багатьох цікавих і важливих туристичних місць (Котор, Будва, Podgorica, Herceg Novi, Dubrovnik, Жабляк та багато інших). Hostel Anton is situated just 7 km from Kotor (місто в списку Світової спадщини ЮНЕСКО ), 20 km from the beaches of Budva and 18 km from Herceg Novi. Ми всього в 3 km from the Tivat airport and 2 km from the bus station. The nearest Railway station is located in Sutomore, 60 km from Tivat. The capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, - на відстані 88 km away. Кордон з Хорватією лише на відстані 25 км, з прекрасним містом Дубровник в 60 km drive from us. The border of Bosnia and Herzegovina is 30 км, Албанія - 100 km and 180 km to Serbia. Наш хостел розташований в 500 meters from the sea. … …read more,


We run a number of interesting tours for our guests and offer excursions to places throughout Montenegro. Some of our most popular outings include: White water rafting in Tara gorge, the biggest canyon in Europe. Hiking and climbing in the mountains of Durmitor National Park, the highest mountain range in the Balkans. Visiting the amazing 17th Century monastery of Ostrog. Touring Skadar lake, the biggest lake on the Balkan peninsula and one of the largest bird reserves in Europe. Boat and sailing tours in and around Boka Bay, including the Luštica peninsula and the Blue caves with their beautiful, unusual blue color. Touring old medieval towns, traditional villages, fish picnics, diving, horse-riding, traditional lunches and more. To get a quote on prices and group tours just send us an email at and we’ll get back to you. If you’re looking for inspiration on places to visit in Montenegro, check out some of our galleries.     … …read more,


We’re excited to be opening a new hostel in the town of Žabljak in northern Montenegro at the start of May 2012. Žabljak is right next to Durmitor National Park and about 20 minutes drive from Tara canyon About Durmitor National Park and Tara Canyon The Durmitor National Park, created in 1952, includes the massif of Durmitor, the canyons of Tara, Sušica and Draga rivers and the higher part of the canyon plateau Komarnica, covering an area of 390 km². It was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1980. It is the largest mountain range in the Balkans with Žabljak being the highest situated town; a dream for hikers, campers and mountaineers alike. In winter it becomes a playground for skiers and snowboarders. The Tara River Canyon, also known as the Tara River Gorge, is the longest canyon in Europe and the second-longest in the world, spanning 82 kilometers and delving 1,300 meters at its deepest point. The canyon is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is also a part of Durmitor national park. The Tara River cuts a snaky line throughout the length of the canyon. There are rocky and pebbly terraces, sandy beaches and high cliffs … …read more,

Our hostels

Hostel Anton is above all, це місце для веселощів, місце, де ви можете познайомитися з цікавими людьми, відпочити та розслабитися. Вони також є ідеальною відправною точкою для дослідження Чорногорії та сусідніх країн. Our main goal is to attract young (at heart), творчих, open-minded people whose stay at the Hostel would make a difference in their and our lives. Somehow, the unique atmosphere of the Adriatic coast, and our position on it does attract musicians, painters, письменників, подорожуючі театральні колективи, майстрів прикрас та всіляких унікальних людей. This atmosphere is partly provided by the geographic position of our house, який має неймовірний, breathtaking sea view and a green garden. Наша альтанка у східному стилі, повний бар та бананові, orange and fig-trees probably help in the creation of this small, прихованого раю (принаймні, ми так думаємо). Also, ми віддаємо перевагу речам зробленими власними руками, і ще ми збираємо різний старовинний крам. Хостел був побудований з цегли столітнього будинку, що належав моєму дідові Антону (yes, звідси і назва). If you appreciate unique, creative atmosphere and people, you will enjoy our Hostel, напевно. You will have an opportunity to hear a variety of bands and solo musicians … …read more,