Our hostels

Hostel Anton is above all, це місце для веселощів, місце, де ви можете познайомитися з цікавими людьми, відпочити та розслабитися. Вони також є ідеальною відправною точкою для дослідження Чорногорії та сусідніх країн. Our main goal is to attract young (at heart), творчих, open-minded people whose stay at the Hostel would make a difference in their and our lives. Somehow, the unique atmosphere of the Adriatic coast, and our position on it does attract musicians, painters, письменників, подорожуючі театральні колективи, майстрів прикрас та всіляких унікальних людей. This atmosphere is partly provided by the geographic position of our house, який має неймовірний, breathtaking sea view and a green garden. Наша альтанка у східному стилі, повний бар та бананові, orange and fig-trees probably help in the creation of this small, прихованого раю (принаймні, ми так думаємо). Also, ми віддаємо перевагу речам зробленими власними руками, і ще ми збираємо різний старовинний крам. Хостел був побудований з цегли столітнього будинку, що належав моєму дідові Антону (yes, звідси і назва). If you appreciate unique, creative atmosphere and people, you will enjoy our Hostel, напевно. You will have an opportunity to hear a variety of bands and solo musicians … …read more,

Музика & Art-клуб

Our hostel and home base in Tivat is not just a hostel, it’s also an art club and live music venue! We welcome artists, musicians and creative types to come and add to the ambience of the place. For the past three years the hostel has seen small concerts, jam nights and creative projects from both guests and local artists and the dream has slowly grown into making our own live music and performance venue. After last summer we knocked down a few walls, gave everything a fresh coat of paint, threw half a boat in as a bar and bought some more music equipment. Then shazzam, before you could rub your palms together and make a prayer we’d made our own little club. Since then we’ve kept the winter at bay by hosting some live gigs and jazz nights with members of local bands. Groups such as Ansambl Toć, Nuclear Mama, jazz maestros Baltazar as well as Montenegro’s entry into Eurovision 2012 Rambo Amadeus have graced us with recent fantastic nights of which there are sure to be more. At the moment the club is private, open to friends and guests but not the public at large. We welcome … …read more,